What’s Next For The Auto Detailing Industry

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Blog

Building these types of relationships between manufacturers and professionals is what the industry needs to continue to press forward. As detailers and manufacturers work closer together, it becomes easier to fine tune products to deliver better results. Without that communication a manufacturer will create products that is in their best interest, not the needs of the ones who use them. Professionals are the ones who drive the auto detailing industry, not manufacturers or resellers. If people do not see products being used by professionals, manufacturers and resellers rely on hype and marketing to sell the product. When a product truly out performs another product, professionals will use it and endorse it. Detailing is a pro-sumer industry and product sales are directly impacted when professionals use products and voice their opinions. These opinions can be in the form or articles, forum posts, Facebook updates, tweets, videos, photos and other types of documentation. I encourage all of you reading this to actively voice your opinions on products, tools, processes and techniques, not just to promote your work, but to further the growth of the auto detailing industry.