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What's Next For The Auto Detailing Industry

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Building these types of relationships between manufacturers and professionals is what the industry needs to continue to press forward. As detailers and manufacturers work closer together, it becomes easier to fine tune products to deliver better results. Without that communication a manufacturer will create products that is in their best interest, not the needs of the ones who use them. Professionals are the ones who drive the auto detailing industry, not manufacturers or resellers. If people do not see products being used by professionals, ..  Read More . . .

Auto Detailing Training...Why you need it!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just about anyone can start their own auto detailing business. Some have started just with a bucket and a sponge and call themselves a professional auto detailer. Those types have not helped the reputation of this industry and actually have hurt it in certain instances, especially when they have driven the prices down and have done shoddy work. Typically these folks have no formal detailing training, did not attend an auto detailing school and are just trying to make a few bucks in between job employment. They generally do not have plans to ..  Read More . . .

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